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Race grade oils have higher than normal amounts of the zinc compounds in them, and there are many components in the engine that can make great use of these additives. Completing the mild combination was a Speedmaster, dual-plane Eliminator manifold, hardened pushrods, and aluminum roller rockers. The life of the engine can be greatly extended if you run a race grade engine oil such as our Schaeffer brand racing oil. The TH is well known to be a heavier duty trans. These do not have the welded ball on the end. All superchargers are not created equal. A complete Comp Cams valve train kit was used:

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3883 Sign up for newsletter. Our standard engine color is black. That is, we talked to the home project car builders, the engine shop specialists at JBA performance, and we listened to the readers on our message boards. Roaring through the backwoods at full throttle with lights and sirens in hot pursuit was not for the faint of heart. It was hard to believe but our worn out block was stock bore.

Horsepower – Ft-Lb Torque Small Block Chevy | JMac Performance

You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the ckrve category, or simply do a search with the key word, “Upgrade” in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. We offer a full line of this oil in our other listings. This is where the Edelbrock Power Package excels. The polished intake upgrade is very popular, and certainly adds a bright fresh look to your engine. We have a customer that used the orange colored antifreeze made for Toyota trucks as he happened to have this forque hand.

Can be built up to extreme power handling capabilities.

First Test! Lunati Bootlegger Cam in a 383

If the choke is set up on the aggressive side, it will create an over-rich condition upon every cold start-up and warm-up. As far as we’re concerned, ARP bolts are the only brand we would ever use or accept in a set of rods. If you do think you will be driving significant numbers of miles, we strongly recommend staying with our hydraulic roller cam package.

We do not use or sell non branded, no-name roller rockers, period. This will flatten out the flexplate to a great degree. Very low cost to build up to various levels of power handling. We have heard of many engines using these rockers that came apart and spilled needle bearings into the engine, only to end up in the oil pump.

Retaining its 24x reluctor count, Marinov then added a set of dished AutoTec alloy forged pistons designed to accommodate a set of 6. Cost for this upgrade is calculated by taking the retail difference between the carburetor that comes with this engine and the retail cost of the Holley Sniper EFI System.

Pictured below are the front end accessories that are included with this engine. We counted well over 50 different crankshafts that they make — different strokes, mains and balances.

ProComp Hyd Roller Lift 0. The exhaust evac system we recommend is made by Moroso.

This was clearly the most difficult task in the project build. We have built approximately engines using the Wiseco pistons. The flexplate will change position when the transmission is installed and the torque converter is hooked up to the flexplate.

They tend to be notchy to shift when new. Should you have a warranty issue, proof will be required. We only use the swedged one pc.

Pros None, other than there are plenty of them around for a cheap price, and for good reason. They have huge amounts of off idle torque compared to the average carbureted street rod that makes hp or more. A long-term Camaro project car gets a lot closer to being done and on the road!

Ignition timing was set at 34 degrees total and 93 octane fuel was used.