Not only were the airwaves a feast for experienced military monitors, they also pumped some new blood into the hobby. For the first time, the Leningrad Hamvention will offer special sessions for international shortwave listeners. Date Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue. Lots of QRM but there seems to be a station in Portuguese in there. Just like at a space launch, countdowns take place. One sunny summer day on the town square we were looking at the girls. How does the radio voice of the United States get the boost to reach to every country in the world?

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Sturm, Westford Court, Ft. You get four digit readout past the decimal point. Earl Davenport, of Chesapeake, Virginia, is one of the men the FCC recently snared broadcasting on forbidden frequencies. As example of that comes from two contributors who monitored the same communications. Living Areas- Entrance Level You enter onto a large sunlit entrance wirelss.

These frequencies are unchanging and are said to be “paired. When the popularity of CB faded in the late 70s, E.

Listed by community, service license, frequencies, call sign and comments.

Full text of “Monitoring Times April “

A frequency list of the most popularly-monitored “birds” is included. To transmit the 50, watt signal, CKLW constructed a building and five guyed 3, foot high towers on Highway 18, eight miles from Harrow, Ontario. First multi-service MARS net ever heard. Station ID and continued talk about Castro. Take advantage of the location, explore the free felicities including: Driving through the park on this self guided tour is invigorating. Includes an extensive list of times and frequencies.

Cocktails for two here. Kurt Waldheim on tour.

Villa Mar a Vista

Many radio hobbyists take their first shot at using graph paper by tracking the solar flux patterns given at 18 minutes past the hour over radio station WWV and WWVH 1. Both had homed in independently on the same offender. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

National news wureless commentary, followed by Paraguayan folk music. Windsor is very clean and quiet. Electronic signaling, repeaters, hot box detectors and other technological inventions fill the airwaves with signals.

Limited coastal station working Pipeline Observer. Possible Radio Fides in Bolivia.

So the low audio becomes the high and the high tones low. Sports and Entertainment Frequencies by Bob Grove is a new pocket-sized frequency directory that will tell you what they are. You now have a handy guide for tuning that allows you to decide how to carve up your listening sessions.

Or in the legendary panel van bristling with antennas? The frequency is kHz. Call Us Today All Other Foreign add In a couple of minutes, the reporter went live to cover a Scud missile attack. Canadian CKLW regularly appeared at the top of the ratings in Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland – and this 50, watt station was the third most listened to station in the entire world from to In other words, you can walk around with local time and Coordinated Universal Time a. Interviews with survivors of Scud missile attacks in Tel Aviv.